people and organization

Powered By Sun

powered by the sun

Currently deberenn is saving 70% of its power usage due the use of solar panels. These panels now are installed and fully used on 50% of the facility. For the other half has been agreed to be covered with solar panels very soon. This movement
will ensure a 100% sustainable energy supply. Enough for the entire production and even more, which is supplied to the environment.


electric switch

Deberenn has started to replace its fleet by electric cars. At the moment the company counts six cars already. The aim is to switch all passenger cars that qualify for replacement with electrically powered cars by 2025.

Circular Training

circular training

A circular transition makes a major contribution to a sustainable world. For successful changes within the company, good cooperation is necessary. Deberenn pays extensive attention to education for sustainability and circularity guided by Rianne Koens. Sustainable steps are being taken in strong teamwork.

Smile To The World

smile to the world

Deberenn attaches great importance to the development of its employees. Communication development is a key factor. Deberenn therefore encourages development in the English language and invests in the courses. Moreover, deberenn provides private health insurance to all our employees and covers all their payments without reflecting on their salaries.

European Neigbour

european neighbour

A large part of deberenn’s sales market is in Europe and America. As a result, deberenn offers a perfect alternative to ‘the far west’ and can respond quickly. Purchasing in Turkey instead of the far west reduces the CO2 footprint significantly.

Respectful Collaboration

respectful collaboration

In a sustainable society we treat each other with respect. This ensures sustainable long-term relationships where we can build on and trust each other. Correct communication, correct order handling, carefree delivery and good aftercare are part of this. Deberenn strives to provide the best service at all times.

One Location

one location

Deberenn has always invest in its own full production line at one location. This has two positive aspects. Firstly, this means that production is be kept under control and the high quality can therefore be guaranteed. Secondly, minimum additional transport for outsourcing work is needed, meaning a reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Food For Good

food for good

All fried foods from the menus will be removed as much as possible, thus reducing the monthly waste oil amount to 3 Kg. This rate is a great success for a factory with 130 employees. Instead of fried dishes, cooked dishes in the oven are served. Deberenn collects all small amount waste and delivers them to disposal companies that are experts in their fields.

Waste Separation

waste separation

The waste streams of deberenn’s office and showroom are all separated. Employees are instructed and educated for the right use of the bins. This way deberenn contributed a positive impact to its environment.

Safety First

safety first

Deberenn has the related certification “ISO 14001” and receives consultancy from HEMA company for occupational safety. The company provides with personal protective equipment, occupational diseases, work accidents, etc., gives advice to the employees and makes necessary checks weekly. Also, necessary trainings are given to the employees.

Pet Free Water

pet-free water

The use of PET water throughout the factory will be terminated very soon and water dispensers, metal water bottles and refill taps will be implemented.