about us

The human body has evolved over millions of years to do one thing: move. Since this flawless anatomy is not designed to sit for an extended period of time, we are exposed to back pain throughout our lives due to unsuitable seats. This anatomical rebellion emphasizing the harmony between seats and the human body is the start point of the “anatomy of innovation” that encourages us to produce versatile and durable designs perfectly matching the human body.

We are striving to design anatomically comfortable working and waiting areas and enhance people’s life quality to the best level. And in doing so, we race against time. We bring the oldest known methods and the state of the art technology together to convert a flawless design into a flawless production through contemporary machinery and manufacturing philosophies. Our production facility that enforced with the most advanced machinery technology, works with the aim of zero error margin and sustains production diversity under one roof where we create our own time zone.

Instead of sailing in safe waters and following the already known route, we preferred to touch the future and shape it. We collaborated with designers with a futureproof DNA, and designed our dreams with our new collection’s creators; David Fox, Christophe Pillet, Esat Fisek, Bartoli Design, Farm Design, Bona Design, Favaretto & Partners, Stefan Brodbeck, Yonoh Creative Studio and Emma Robson. These experienced freelance designers’ works have been realized and completed by additional developments of studio deberenn; an internal research and design group. For studio deberenn, time is the evolution of great design.

It is deberenn’s success to stand out amongst competitors and move forward with stronger steps to increase market and brand recognition with a long-term perspective for the needs of every type of contract project; offices, lounges, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, educational areas, airports, and even living areas.

Our success to present smart and innovative products is based upon a synthesis of material quality, function, aesthetics, cost, flexibility, and true attention to details. An experienced production team crafts designs into reality by displaying their skills and adding quality and value to our company culture. Each collection steps into the production phase with the intention of going beyond the previous one. Small or large-scale projects, traditional or futuristic approaches, combined or abstracted designs, home, office, or public spaces…Each project is designed and resolved within its own requirements and dynamics and delivered to its address on time.

Since our futuristic and ergonomic designs transcending our boundaries through our production techniques and technology, our products are naturally spread over 40 countries.

See you anywhere in the world…