the house of harmony

While Alice was reading a book in the countryside, she saw a rabbit, but this rabbit was unlike anything she had ever seen. Curious Alice went after the rabbit and hoop! she fell into a well. As she was descending the well, the past, present and future began to flow simultaneously with Alice ... Alice realized that time is not a line but water.

lf you separate time as old and the new, the new will always get older. Since technology is the reflection of time, time is always renewed. We are working far every single moment that we touch upon your lives far a more colorful reflection. it doesn’t always turn aut the way we want; sometimes we tear it down and start again.

We know that perfection is an illusion and we are looking far innovations that will create inspiration. We do not like to enjoy the fruits of other’s works so we work at every stage in the transiti on of raw material to the product.

We are not tempted by the new; we know that mastery and the value of producing together is indispensable. We love the calluses on our hands and the sweat on our fareheads.

Wherever you are in the world, we bring inspiration to the places you wait, work and relax. We care about living today more comfartably, making tomorrow more livable and keeping the values of the past.

We look far above, beyond the picture to design beyond what has been and what will be.

See you in anywhere in the world or in time!