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sd panels

your self-standing guard

Upholstery SD Panel, free-standing space dividers allow you the freedom to easily partition open plan interior spaces. SD panel helps to reduce noise so employees can concentrate and focus at work besides it’s separation function. The space dividers are available to order in 4 unique sizes: Rectangular, A Shape, V Shape, Sofa Separator in different dimensions.

SD Panel, makes social distancing easy! Many of today’s workstations don’t provide enough boundary and separation between people. SD panel created to cover this gap with its simple, functional and esthetic form. SD panel, standing without any additional assembly or holder, can be adapted to any space ergonomically thanks to its variety of designs and dimensions.

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studio deberenn

The design studio of deberenn is a group of architects leaded by Mustafa Kadioglu, the owner of the company. The studio members are used to work together over the last 20 years.