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freedom to dreams

Mayday and Bussola, designed by Favaretto & Partners, are capable of creating major changes in small areas. The concept completed with Balance and Solo X sets your imagination free. A modular sofa system with very compact dimensions, make possible to use it even in small areas. Mayday consist of 2 main modular units as fastened to create corners in-line or island compositions. A low armrest, low armrest with a table and a pouffe complete the collection. Its modern approach makes the modular Mayday a timeless eye catcher sofa.

A perfect blend of style and comfort, Mayday is a generous sofa that will encourage owners to relax. The seating angle is also ideal for offices or public spaces, enabling the user to sit actively engaging with work. Figure out your own configuration to suit your space. Mayday has a strong visual impact that, at once, expresses solidity and softness.

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favaretto & partners

Curiosity, tenacity and passion for research have characterized our work for more than 40 years at our Design Studio of industrial design and interior architecture founded in 1973 in Padua by Paolo Favaretto.