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well-proportioned and timeless

Certain characteristics and traits will never be out of fashion: elegance, style. The Marina collection utterly embodies these virtues while remaining exceptionally comfortable. The huge comfort of the seat and its size chosen makes marina mini adaptable to all types of offices, open spaces, reception halls and relax zones.

The multi-use of the marina mini collection makes it ideal for meeting, working or waiting areas. The legs can be made of solid ash wood giving a special warmth to the design; or metal, being this a result of more strength or 5 star chrome with castors which is ideal for working areas.

The balanced use of its shapes, its functionality, and its chromatic combinations turns what seems to be complicated into something simple. The armchair has a compact form, which is an important feature in areas with limited space.

Marina mini envelops you cosily when you sit down. This chair is characterised by the tension between the organic, cosy seat and the light-looking modern base offered.The result is a playful look with organic curves contrasted by tight, classic lines. The collection also includes a two-seater sofa. Marina mini is available in a wood or steel frame with upholstery in leather, and a wide variety of fabrics.

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Marina Mini
yonoh creative studio

Yonoh is a design studio founded in 2006 by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, in Valencia, Spain. Uniting their creative inquisitiveness they create work on product design. Yonoh works on projects that differ for their simplicity and functionality, designs that exude freshness and uniqueness.