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aesthetic basic lines

Enna is designed with the idea of making a sofa, really for three users with separate comfortable cushions within an artistic design. Minimizing the details and maximizing the comfort, it is a generous, robust upholstery product constructed from a traditional hardwood frame with an elastic seat. Enna is available in an armchair, two seats, wide two-seat, or three-seat sofa.

Metal cubic designed feet are good looking as well as strong and durable. Soft cushions and pillows make you feel better at home, lounge area, or even your office. It has the clean lines of an attentively created comfort seat and is suitable for all kinds of spaces in any of its versions. Enna is suitable for any area and can be used with single pieces or as a seating group.

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studio deberenn

The design studio of deberenn is a group of architects leaded by Mustafa Kadioglu, the owner of the company. The studio members are used to work together over the last 20 years.